4 Stages to Landing the Job of a Delhi Police Officer?

28 APR 2021

4 Stages to Landing the Job of a Delhi Police Officer?

Delhi Police is one of the most sought after jobs in the metropolis ranking officer jobs, and is one of the most prestigious and rewarding jobs in metropolis officer rankings. There is an annual exam for the Delhi police officer post for which a number of candidates apply, but only those with the right guidance and mentor coaching can succeed through this tough stage. We provide a tailored mentorship program and coaching for the Delhi Police Officer aspirants in Uttar Pradesh district. This Delhi Police training centre Uttar Pradesh provides consummate training to aspiring candidates, with the motive to make them a better and competitive candidate by providing them apt training for written and physical tests, with personality development tacts by mentors for their personality development.


This Delhi police training centre UttarPradesh provides training for one of the most prestigious careers in officer ranking and most rewarding options. We hereby list 4 stages to landing the job of a Delhi Police officer, and how joining our academy can help you in a positive spell to crack this test and land the job.


Stage 1: Written Examination

The written test consists of two papers that must be qualified to get the officer job. The first paper must be cracked to be eligible for the second paper. We can help you in preparing for the Written test with an appropriate and well-planned strategy for curriculum framework. 


Stage 2: PST/PET Exam

Physical Endurance Training takes place after the paper-I and before paper-II, and this physical test must be cracked to be eligible for the paper-II conduct. This stage 2 tests the physical standards and efficiency of the aspiring candidate. Connect with us to get physical training for Delhi Police, with training that is highly based on its effectiveness.


Stage 3: Personality Test

Candidates who have successfully cleared the Stage -1 and stage 2 of the tests, are eligible and called for the 100 marks personality test. These marks obtained in this stage when added up marks the total score of the candidate. Hence, the candidates’ finale score is the aggregate of the scores of Stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3.


Stage 4: Medical Test

Candidates who cleared stage 2 of the physical endurance exam are called for the medical test. Aspirants who successfully clear the stage 4 are then selected for the Delhi police officer post.

Why Choose Us?

  • We provide Delhi police physical training for candidates aspiring to pass this test with flying colours. Our tailored physical training with the right methodology and appropriate planned strategy has given results in bringing candidates of potential to the right result.
  • We provide personal training and attention to each candidate to boost up their morale and hold their self-esteem high in this tough course of competition preference.
  • We provide written and physical training in the presence of the right mentors and guides who are experienced in the same field. Connect with us to get a competitive edge in this officer post-test with well strategic written, physical, personality and medical training, and counselling.