Exercises to Help with Physical Conditioning Before Joining the Indian Army

28 APR 2021

Exercises to Help with Physical Conditioning Before Joining the Indian Army

It is important for candidates who are eager to join the Indian Military is required to attain the proper certification of physical fitness. This facilitates their smooth adaption to training at the IMA (Indian Military Academy) - you should know that those who underwent proper training and physical exercise tend to cope up with difficult training routines at the academy and even during the test. Each year, about lakhs of aspirants apply for the same and are desirous to know how to keep up with their physical as well as mental fitness to crack the interview and the test. Fret not! We at Arrow Achievers are all about helping aspirants prepare for the test properly to become fit enough to make their dream of serving the nation come true.

As we know now, it is essential to get proper physical training for Indian armyit is important for you to follow a well-constructed system until you achieve your goal. You need to be fit physically and mentally to be able to make your way into the forces. Now, below we have listed some of the exercises that one should consider following as they will help with conditioning their physical health before joining the Indian Army…

  •      Skipping: it is important for you to jump ropes for 10 to 15 minutes as it's one of the best cardio workouts. It is trusted for burning about 1300 calories per hour. Considering that it is really high, many prefer skipping ropes as an effective method for melting fat and maintaining their fitness.
  •      Running: secondly, you can set up a running program that initially starts by walking to run-walk or power walk and then simply lead to running until you complete 5 km within 30 minutes. By running your heart stimulates and the lungs start to process and toughen up the muscles, joints, bones, and connective tissue.
  •      Push-ups: It is advised to make it 30 each, the push-up is a body functional movement that really helps one increase their physical strength and boost the core and lower body strength. It is actually a body weight exercise and can easily be done anywhere- you don’t really need any equipment.
  •       Sit-ups: As one might know that this is a multi-muscle exercise that doesn’t have a specific target or doesn’t focus on burning stomach fat. It simply helps strengthen one’s abdomen and muscles such as the chest, neck, hip flexor, and lower back.
  •       Rope Climbing: It is suggested to try at least three to four meters and is a tremendous grip and upper bodybuilding exercise that come in handy for aspirants. Rope climbing helps one build the strength of a powerlifting professional or even an arm-wrestler.
  •      Swimming: Now, you should know that it is not necessary for you to become a great swimmer but you must know the basics. To join the IMA, you should know how to swim, and practicing so will be of huge help in making your entire body strong and will tone your muscles.

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