Why is NDA Off-Limits for Women?

29 APR 2021

Why is NDA Off-Limits for Women?

Cracking down the golden ball of your desired career is an overachiever thought and to claim this into genuineness is done by some elite institutes of India. Similarly, NDA is a goal that is perceived by many young and energetic individuals in which unfortunately girls and women are excluded. This categorical exclusion is made due to the gender they fall in, it doesn’t seem different but, yes, it is true. There are approx. 250000 candidates that appear in UPSC exam to avail entrance in NDA, which is a joint defence training institute for Indian armed forces; in which only 6000 of them are induced out for interview round, and out of which only 300 candidates are awarded the prestigious NDA. Unfortunately, only male candidates are allowed to appear for this preliminary assessment.


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Eligibility Norms That Are Required to Stand in The NDA Exams  


As a male candidate, one should have some basic eligibilities to crack for appearing in prestigious exams of NDA:


  • He should be an unmarried male 
  • He should be between the age of 16 and a half to 19 and a half years  
  • Should have completed the basic education of 10+2 
  • He should be physically fit according to the desired standards of NDA 
  • Strictly should be a citizen of India 

Among these conditions, some more criteria are applied in which the applicant should fall in but, unfortunately, these exams are off-limits for women in India.


The Sole Reason Why Women Are Off Limit for NDA


As there are no such big reasons in this rule but, the authorities decided that these exams are not for females in India due to their sex, or maybe you can say based on the strength they fall apart. As there are many physical and strength endurance tasks been conducted while the preparation of NDA so these adamant decisions had to be made by the senior desks in the buff. 


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