Your Road to Clearing SSB Interview Made Easy!

29 APR 2021

Your Road to Clearing SSB Interview Made Easy!

The prestigious National Defence Academy, abbreviated to NDA, is a dream of thousands in India. The road to NDA passes through the SSB checkpoint. Cracking Service Selection Board (SSB) Interview is not a piece of cake. However, opposing the common belief, let’s clear the air and affirm, it’s not impossible either! Here are some killer tips that can help you crack your SSB interview.

Tips to Crack SSB Interview

  •     Be authentic, real, and don’t try to outsmart anyone. Never show that you are the best, this only puts you in a tight spot. Officers and examiners would check you according to your behavioural conduct.
  •     The group activities, part of the SSB interview, are designed to check your group conduct. Don’t perform any of those activities alone, work in a group.
  •     Your behaviour and conduct are always under scrutiny, so be modest and gentle in your approach.
  •     You can always ask your invigilator, should you have any trouble. Don’t go on to discussing your problems with fellow candidates, unless it’s the demand of the situation.

How to Prepare for SSB Interview?

  •      Prepare a Timetable – Timetable or a fixed schedule helps improve efficiency and also keeps a track of all the daily activities.
  •    Read Newspaper – Be aware of what is happening around the world, the best way to stay up-to-date and also improving both reading and writing skills is by reading newspapers daily!
  •     Prepare for Psychology – Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) requires you to write a sensible, crisp, and practical story. You must go prepared. To excel in this test you must prepare your psychological aspect well. 
  •     Story Narration – The screening stage encompasses story narration. You must practice it multiple times to become a confident narrator. Body language, expressions, conduct, narration speed, eye contact, all these, and more are assessed in this test.
  •     Interview Preparation – think like an interviewer, your interviewer would expect some basic things from you, be prepared for it. Be mindful of the personality traits that set you apart from the crowd, your reason to appear for SSB, what makes you the best pick amongst the lot.
  •     GTO Preparation - Group Discussion can intimidate a lot of people. It is important to understand that you don’t have to speak endlessly to prove your point but speak sense. Some core exercises like practicing mock Group discussions; connecting with people who have previously appeared for the interview.
  •     It’s Show Time! – One week before the SSB, it’s time to revise it all. Go through the current affairs, skim through the psych notes, you can also seek guidance from an expert.

The above-mentioned tips are basics, yet, very useful. Despite all the help available, students seem to find it difficult to crack their dream. There can be various reasons for it, you might be a motivated student, but lack the right guidance, or you might know all the right resources but lack supervision; or in some cases, students procrastinate even after having it all, for the last category we can only hope you get your act straight and seize the opportunity.  For the other two, we can help you in your pursuit. We are the best coaching for NDA in Meerut, UP, our experts can help you with the right guidance, resources, last-minute tips, and preparation strategy that would work for you! If your dream of serving the country needs expert guidance, then contact Arrow Achievers, the best NDA coaching in UP, determined to help you achieve your dream!